Critique and Editing Service

At whatever stage of your writing journey, a new pair of eyes can bring fresh insight in theme and story as well as spot problems that have been hiding in plain sight. 


As an experienced writer and reviewer, I offer a private critique service giving thoughtful feedback and guidance on how to develop your writing and stories. I’ve worked with clients from around the world and at different stages of their writing practice, from helping fledging writers to improve their prose to assessing plot outlines and completed novels.


Any writer is welcome to get in touch below. An exchange of emails (with a writing sample) is enough to see whether I can add value through my feedback or whether another writer or editorial service might suit you better. I make sure we agree all fees upfront before any work is done.

"Thank you again for your expertise, and for showing me creative ways to give my story focus.Your constructive insights make me excited to get started revising. Just saying that the characters and the actual writing itself are largely okay encourages me to carry on. I won’t hesitate to ask you to critique future projects, or to recommend you to other writers."


Shelley Harrington

"Benjamin's critique of my children's story was clear, constructive, fair and honest. Having teased out the central issues that needed to be addressed, he made many useful suggestions, enabling me to deal with the basic flaws in structure and plot. Advice on characterisation was particularly helpful, alongside comments on point of view and some other elements of writing that apply specifically to children's fiction.


I felt that Benjamin had taken time to read my work thoroughly and consider each point in detail. He offered excellent suggestions on how to develop not just the story submitted, but children's fiction in general.


The advice represented a sound and sensitive balance between the strengths and weaknesses of my story. I also felt that Benjamin's comments reflected his up-to-date knowledge of the current publishing scene. I found the critique helpful and inspiring and will continue to use this service to improve my writing."


Sylvia Edwards


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